Dallas Mavericks' Trey Burke Joins PlayMakar to Promote Muscle Stimulation

Philadelphia 76ers’ Trey Burke Joins PlayMakar to Promote Muscle Stimulation

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PlayMakar muscle stimulation is a game-changing modality for basketball players, from beginners to the pros—just ask Dallas Mavericks point guard Trey Burke. His NBA career started with the Utah Jazz in 2013. Since then Burke has played for the Washington Wizards, New York Knicks, and the Dallas Mavericks before taking his current position with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Of course, while the game itself remains the same, every team is different, and every basketball game has its own unique twists and turns. But no matter the game or the team, the stress that basketball puts on an athlete’s body is consistent. Professional players like Burke can’t afford to take chances on injury, which is why they must be careful with their pre- and post-workout routine.

Someone in Burke’s position can make a lot of use out of the PlayMakar Pro Muscle Stimulator. This wireless electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) can be used anytime, anywhere, so professionals like Burke are taking it with them to use before and after every game. As a result, Burke gets benefits that help him warm up for and recover from each workout.

Basketball Warm Up with Muscle Stimulation

Trey Recovering
Basketball is a demanding sport, so it requires a complete warm up. NBA players are trained to include everything from stretches to light exercise in their warm ups. By incorporating the PlayMakar device into his warm up, Burke is taking it one step further.

The PlayMakar devices consist of wireless pods which deliver gentle electrical impulses. These cause muscle contractions. Burke can use these electrical impulses to target any problem areas as needed by placing the pods on specific muscles. The muscle contractions increase the blood flow to the area, and help the muscles warm up even before they begin moving. In Burke’s case, this is perfect for games that require travel beforehand, as he can apply the portable PlayMakar in most places, like a plane or a bus ride.

The use of an electric muscle stimulator can also help Burke make the most of his skills. EMS therapy targets both types of muscle fibers, including those used for explosive strength activities. Studies have shown that regular electric muscle stimulator therapy on the knee extender can help increase strength and improve the vertical jump in basketball players.

Muscle Stimulation for Recovery

Trey Burke
Post-workout muscle recovery is just as important as warming up, no matter the player. Burke can apply the electrode pads of the PlayMakar to any muscle that he feels needs an extra boost in recovery. The same electrical impulses used post-workout help reduce swelling and soreness by assisting blood flow increase to the area and keeping the muscle active even when it is resting.

Since basketball calls for a lot of repetitive movements, it’s important to keep muscles strong and flexible. Burke can use PlayMakar on the road and at home as part of an advanced routine that helps protect him from overuse injury. PlayMakar helps muscles to develop the strength needed to make movements like sudden stops and pivots, leading to a safer basketball game no matter the team.

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