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PlayMakar PRO Snap Electrodes

Small And Large Electrode Pads

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High performance snap style electrode pads give you the flexibility you need to contour on both large and small muscle groups. Get 20-30 twenty minute sessions with proper care and storage of pads. Consider the membership plan to save 50%.

  • Small Pads, 2.75" x 2.75", 4 Pads, $16 per Pack
  • Large Pads, 2.75" x 4", 2 Pads, $16 per Pack

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Product Description

Uncompromising Adhesion.

PlayMakar® Electrode Pads come in small and large sizes and features patented structural composition and hydrogel properties that help to provide the ultimate stimulation in your workout. While you work, the electrodes conduct subtle electrical impulses that help to stimulate your muscle and provide maximum contraction. We have created a more flexible fabric layer that contours better to your body and assists in preventing your pads from falling off mid workout.

  • Free from natural latex
  • Flexible Fabric Layer Contours Better to Your Body
Uncompromising adhesion (riot) (1)
Optimize the Life of your pads (riot) (1)

Helpful Tips

Optimize the Life
of Your Pads

Clean your skin with an alcohol swab or use TENS Wipes to prepare your skin for electrode placement. Always dry the area before applying the electrode pads. When removing the electrode pads from your skin, peel from the side of the electrode pad. Be sure to properly store your electrode pads after each session. Make sure to stick the pads onto the transparent plastic film provided in the pack. Place the film with the electrode pads back inside the poly bag and be sure to remove any excess air. Seal bag for storage.

What's Included
(Varies on product selection)

Mask Group 39 (1)

2.75X4 Large Snap Electrodes
(QTY: 2)


Mask Group 40(1)

2.75X2.75 Small Snap Electrodes
(QTY: 4)

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