Does a Massage Gun Actually Work?

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There are plenty of fads out there. Hackey sacks and chia seeds gave way to Furbies and gel pens, and the cycle continues. As a result, you might want to go for timelessness over the latest new — but soon-to-pass — fad. 

On the surface, massage guns might feel like they fit into the fad category. They’re suddenly everywhere, with everyone from high-profile athletes to social media influencers grabbing a gun. So, yes, percussion massage is definitely a trending topic. 

But the massage gun just might be here to stay. Why? Because these percussion massagers actually work.

What the evidence says

While you might not be able to find a massage gun in every store just yet, scientists have already done quite a bit of research on their efficacy.

The growing body of evidence shows that the massage gun could be the at-home tool you need to feel better. One study on people with fibromyalgia found that percussion massage created “sustained improvements in symptoms and quality of life” and “ was shown to be safe and well-tolerated.” 

Another revealed that with just two minutes of percussion therapy using a massage gun, people saw “positive effects on recovery” in their calf muscles. You don’t have to reserve your massage gun for post-workout care, either. The experts at Cleveland Clinic found that a percussion massager can help to relax muscles and ease areas of tension. 

Ultimately, because the massage gun is fairly new to the scene, studies are in their early days. But preliminary results show that, yes, percussion massage actually works to ease pain, improve recovery, and help you feel better overall. 

Ways to use a massage gun

A percussion massager can be a quick way to relieve an achy neck or tight hamstrings, but you can get even further benefits by applying it in specific situations. You can use your massage gun to:

Reduce post-workout soreness

Studies show that vibration therapy (i.e., percussion massage) is equally as effective as massage in reducing what experts call delayed-onset muscle soreness. That’s the post-gym stiffness and achiness that you get after crushing a hard workout.

To get the best results here, use your massage gun right after your sweat session. Hitting those muscles with some percussion massage as soon as possible helps to reduce the toxins and lactic acid that build up after exercise, making you feel sore. 

Address chronic and acute pain

As we already mentioned, studies show that a massage gun can be helpful for people living with syndromes that cause chronic pain like fibromyalgia. Other studies have also demonstrated that they can help with acute pain, too (e.g., the short-term pain you get after an injury). So whether you’ve been dealing with discomfort for years or you just hurt yourself, a massage gun may help you find at-home relief. 

Have a self-care moment

You might not necessarily need a study to back this up, but we’ll provide one anyway. Evidence — both anecdotal and scientific — shows that using a massage gun can help to bust stress. If you’ve been looking for a way to slow down and take care of yourself, this can be a handy tool to add to your arsenal. 

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