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For Use With PRO-1000

PlayMakar PRO Expandable Receiver Pods

Includes: 2 Wireless Pods, Hard Case and Pod Customization Decals (Hand Control Not Included)

Model #: PRO-1001

$99.95 $69.95

Our Wireless Expandable Pods give you the ability to expand your existing PRO-1000 system for greater coverage of treatment for faster recovery and less time off the court or field. Additional pods are also great to have as back ups while others are charging.


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Product Description

Powerful Wireless
Receiver Pods.

Although these pods are small, they offer powerful 80mA prescription-strength TENS and EMS therapy in a low-profile wireless design. Made for portability and ease of use, all you need to do is pair your pods to the desired channel, place the pods on your body, and then select your treatment options. Your untapped potential is just one click away.

  • Wireless pods measure only 2.35″
  • 3-5 hour use time per charge
  • Pods can be individually programmed
Powerful wireless receiver pods (riot)
Expand your power (riot)

Programmable Pods

Expand Your Power.

Our Expandable Wireless Receiver Pods give you the ability to expand your coverage of treatment and recovery beyond just 4 receiver pods. With the pod channel pairing feature of the PlayMakar PRO system, you can easily expand your therapy to an infinite number of pods on up to 4 separate channels. Not only that, but you can also adjust each pod on its own without affecting the others. Additional pods also serve as great back-ups while others are charging.

Product Description

Powerful and Portable.

Our wireless pods measure only 2.35″ (only slightly larger than a silver dollar), so you can experience your therapy anywhere, at any time. To make it even better, our pods are concealable, making it perfect for placing under your clothing and going about your day like normal. And with a 3-5 hour use time per charge, nothing will take you off the court, field, or gym.

Powerful and portable (riot)

What’s Included

pod 1 with shadow

Wireless Receiver Pods
(QTY: 2)

Protective pod case

Receiver Pod Protective Case
(QTY: 1)


Operating Manual

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