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For use with MVP

ProTips Premium Massage Gun Tips

Model #: MVP-300

$39.95 $29.95

New Improved to replace porous round tips for high quality EVA Rubber like elastomer for shock absorption and overall better massage experience.



Product Description

Pinpoint Muscle Treatment

The massage gun attachment tips can activate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain and relax from head to toe. Large round head is suitable for large muscle groups. Fork head is designed for massaging spine, neck and shoulder. Shovel head is suitable for cervical spine, waist and back. Small round head suitable for small muscle groups such as arms, calves, shoulders, etc. Spade head would be perfect to for any parts of the body.

  • High Quality Elastomer
  • Increase Circulation with Multi-function Tips
  • Relax Your Muscles
Mask Group 49

Out with the old, in
with the new.

Lightweight, safe, durable, and suitable for home treatment. EVA Polyurethanes are the perfect choice for elastomer applications that can absorb shock and offer a better massage experience. This environmentally friendly material is perfect for close to the skin application, tasteless, no harmful substance and safe to use.

6 Interchangeable Attachments

What’s Included?

MVP-1000 product only hero image transparent

Large Round Head
(QTY: 1)

Large round head attachment

Spade Head
(QTY: 1)

Medium round head attachment

Medium Round Head
(QTY: 1)

Spade head attachment

Bullet Head
(QTY: 1)


Flat Head
(QTY: 1)


Fork Head
(QTY: 1)

What’s in the box

MVP-1000 product only hero image transparent

MVP-1000 Massager
(QTY: 1)

Large round head attachment

Large Round Head:

for large muscle groups

(QTY: 1)

Medium round head attachment

Medium Round Head:

for medium muscle groups

(QTY: 1)

Fork attachment

Fork Head:

for neck and spine

(QTY: 1)

Flat head attachment

Flat Head:

for all parts of the body

(QTY: 1)

Bullet head attachment

Bullet Head:

for joints, deep issue, & trigger points

(QTY: 1)

Spade head attachment

Spade Head:

for back and neck

(QTY: 1)


Wall Charger:
(QTY: 1)

What's in the box

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